We have thirty years’ experience placing hundreds of physician and non-physician executives at virtually every level within healthcare thus helping you fill your physician leadership positions with the best candidates available. Examples include Chief Medical Officer, Chairs, Section Chiefs and Medical Directors. We save organizations thousands with lower than industry standard fees.  Our typical physician executive searches are filled within six to eight months.
Filling leadership positions with the “best and brightest” available is the highest priority for all organizations.

Each new hire enhances or changes the personality of the organizational culture… That can be good… or bad.

We offer decades of experience in:
    • Consulting and working with search committees
    • Development of the “Senior Search Committee” and its role
    • Organizing a “Spousal Recruitment Committee”
    • Helping you create the department’s “Resource Compendium” and    teaching how it’s utilized to identify the preferred candidate

We can create high tech, interactive, recruitment micro-websites. They look just like your organization’s with all the same colors, fonts, and graphics. This tool gives us a vehicle to highlight your position, organization, and community to a very targeted audience of potential applicants. It can include video or audio of leadership talking about why candidates should consider the position and their organization from a very personal perspective. This technique has been highly successful in attracting the highest quality of candidates.

Our philosophy, “The match is everything” isn’t just a slogan; we live it every day.