We have been fortunate to have consulted with many organizations around the country on matters of their internal recruitment functions. This includes developing an organization’s first in-house physician recruitment program to working with an existing internal program to help them improve their outcomes.
We work with your current in-house department along with leadership to help develop a long-term strategy for improving outcomes and meeting your recruitment goals. This is a team effort and with no predetermined recommendations.

What You Can Expect…

We work directly with your internal (in-house) recruitment leader and their department staff along with your system leadership to build a comprehensive understanding of the issues you are facing before any recommendations are offered. This is not a “behind closed doors” kind of scenario with a surprise ending. This is a team effort. We want to look at everything connected to the current program to include job descriptions, work flow, support structure and budgets, marketing activities and collaterals, recruitment incentives, your website and how you use it to attract the best and brightest talent. Once the information is collected, a comprehensive report is developed highlighting the findings along with recommendations to help improve outcomes with one of our goals being to align expectations with reality.

A typical engagement will last a total of 5 to 10 days. That’s it. On occasion we have been asked to continue in a consulting role to help see through the changes that are agreed to but that is your call and not mandatory. Another option is for the final report to be formatted into a formal presentation to system leadership where we will travel back to the site to present or co-present with the VP/Director of Recruitment.

Not every issue requires a formal consulting gig ! If you just want to bounce an idea off someone or need a second opinion before implementing a change, call or email. No Charge. 1-(352) 329-6070 or [email protected]