“The more effective we are in retention, the more selective we can be in recruitment.”

Quint Studer
“The ones you keep are some of your best recruits”

Did you know by having an informal physician retention plan (not written down or published) you will reduce your turnover by 10% or more? And if you actually write it down and talk about it publicly, your results will double?

Physician retention programs have been my passion for years and I speak on the subject at conferences every chance I get. I truly believe some of your best recruits are the ones you keep.

I was tapped to spearhead the development of Geisinger Health System’s first formal physician retention program back in the late ’90s. We successfully lowered our turnover rate from 10% down to 6%. We then updated the program in 2004, further reducing our turnover to below 4%.

Developing an effective, meaningful physician retention plan doesn’t have to be one of those projects that take on a life of its own, with no end in sight. Every healthcare organization is similar, while at the same time very unique. To get the most out of your physician retention plan, it can’t be right out of the box; it must be customized to your organization. I will lead you through every step of the process, with your final deliverable in 3 to 4 months. It could be sooner or a little later depending on your sense of urgency.