Nagging Thoughts on Candidate Spouses

They are over 50% of the decision…

I’ve maintained over the years that spouses or significant others are the key influencers and really are more than 50% of the decision. It (usually) doesn’t matter how much the candidate loves the position. If the spouse says “I am not going there… not now… not ever…” then the ultimate answer is going to end up a no.

So if this is true, why do we typically wait to bring the spouse until the second interview? If there is a potential the spouse may take issue with the location, leading to a no, I believe we need to know sooner than later. Unless a spouse or significant other is born and raised in the location of the position, there’s usually the potential for negative feedback post-interview.

So… why not bring them on the first visit? It could save organizations a ton of interview expenses, time and energy to find that out earlier in the process.

Just my thoughts… what do you think?

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